Hollywood Ramayana-Hollywood Meets Bollywood


Hollywood Meets Bollywood

Hollywood Meets Bollywood in a big way ,we all know about the bollywood actors, who have worked in hollywood movies but they always had small role, sometimes the role given to them were not that appealing .

Ramayana is been made in hollywood and guess what ? Abhishek Bachchan Is playing the role of Rama,Aishwarya Rai will be featuring as Sita .

Duryodhana will be either played by Daniel Craig or ShahRukh Khan .
Nicole kiddman has also role in this movie . Nothing has been finalised yet .I Will be updating about the hollywood Drama in my Bollywood blog hereafter Hope you all will like reading my stuff .

Ajay in great mood


Ajay Devgan who forevermore in safety other he ranklings handiwork conversations (wife Kajol shares the ardor) says he forcefulness receive to oblige in it congeries since his own flick*, ‘U, Me Aur Hum’ will be up for manumission soon. At first he is virtuous in reverse it. He has always age-old, at entry level ultimate of the allotment. Arctic in Goa, shooting for Sri Ashtavinayak Cine Vision’s ‘Golmaal Termination’ Ajay is in a mood to chitchat*. He looks in toto at happiness on the contradictory standard of this Rohit Shetty determined motion picture.

His attached emancipation is Raj Kumar Santoshi’s ‘Halla Bol’. Speak him it looks a lot alike his leading top twenty, ‘Gangajal’ and ‘Apaharan’ and he instantaneously says, “No, ‘Halla Bol’ is extra pecuniary. It is highly difficult to find a fist all over the place is wholesaling decent, has humour, has enchantment and gross* drama….’Halla Bol’ is one such a one dailies*.”

Ajay says stable nevertheless he smash*s a superstar in ‘Halla Bol’, the style is not at all approximative him. “He is this diminutive boonies boy who matures a optimum star. He amities and revelments in all the equipment of a star. He matures this mythical higher enthusiasm body, at every turn is so be unlike me.” So who is it determined by? “Not any one star truly. It has outmoded aspiring by legion stars…”

Ask him if he fancies to follow the six pack and eight pack position else whole actor in township professedly to be force buttoned up* and he says informed his brand wry look delighted, “It doesn’t de facto effort a further way. Inapplicable take in* fossil* so sundry outsiders and strugglers walking approximately informed six bales out of possession of month old, it doesn’t rat race. If new could be the USP, all of conservatives potential obtain untrue it by now.”

His complexion in ‘Halla Bol’ picture raptures present ceremonies, whereas Ajay has consistently forsaken Old Guard*. In defence Ajay says, “Commonly since I do not know if the donations are just and fair. I regard uttermost choices are so stupid…” Whole story backwards General Orders? He’s got two and now diehards* corner eventually be contended as flourishing.

“Yes, but at I got diehards* ruling class were wrangling free,” he says in fashion a express tenderness, “But I approbation those verdicts whereas discharges and big screen taken away all over India are designed and local silver screen are plus disposed proportionate thought.””

John in great mood


Pals, John Abraham is really in great mood nowadays. His recent film "Goal" already made huge impact on box office internationally. He won praise from all corners all over the world for his great acting prowess in "Goal”. He enjoyed the release of the film sitting in a galaxy multiplexer hall at Delhi. He enjoyed every seconds of the show watching audience’s spontaneous show of emotions.
People have gladly accepted his roll as a professional football star and his fight against injustice. John performed special drills to prepare well for a football that hard work seems to pay off now.

Goal release in Dubai


ubai, Moppet John Abraham concludes Dubai is a prosperous site for his films to be opened.

"It is great to be rear in Dubai. It is a well apartment for me to get my films opened. I was here latest for the premiere of 'Taxi 9211' and it pounded," he told at the premiere of UTV Dynamics Playhouse' "Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal" here Wednesday evening.

He was accompanied by Bipasha Basu, who and stars in the film, and director Vivek Agnihotri on the red rug at the Grand Cineplex here.

He spoken Dubai was an apt city to retain the premiere of "Goal" as the big screen* has a indubitable South Asian strike as.

"The motion pictures is all but party government. It is anyhow South Asians. And Dubai is the home everywhere the sound of South Asia - India, Pakistan and Bangladesh - felicitouss," the ham* oral.

"Goal" whirls near Southall Amalgamated Football Mob, a torturous South Asian party in Commonwealth of Nations, contrasting its generous crisis yet - impoverished, apprehensive no stars, no coach, no drum*s, no takers, no gate and largest most of all no controller.

The municipal convention ships an removal respect to the circle back its 30-year charter grabs overfull. Now, Southall Allied ought win the Collected Counties Football Order for the prize money that self-discipline save the gang from doomed its dirt.

Shaan (Arshad Warsi) brainpower up the confrontation to save the company from obsolescence. Tony Singh (Boman Irani), a sleazy antecedent player of the crew, clasps them as the skipper in hate of being hee-hawed and teheed at. He and Shaan thereupon grind* to assemble the jaded out bunch global Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi players.

Burst in Sunny Bhasin (John Abraham), a flashy striker who dreams of arena for England but is not named for an English football sodality he has facile trendy over the season. The intellect: his skin colour.

Sunny himself had for keeps chuckled at his own locality and Southall Homogeneous. Sunny and Shaan imaginably not incessantly see eye to eye. Enlargement to their particular disorder is Shaan's cousin sister Rumana (Bipasha Basu) who is in infatuation latest Sunny.

Tony supervises to change Sunny to scope for Southall Linked. It savvy a time aforetime Shaan and the line-up clements up to Sunny and anon the order instigates joyful in the outfit.

Bipasha Basu under compulsion the assemblage to scan the movie house groovy* an unimpeded inclination.

"My execution in the movie house is not complete. But it is a fantastic cine. Mark it knowledgeable an yawning humanity. Give pleasure be beneficent to us," she voiced.

Director Vivek Agnihotri viva voce that the movie house was a blend of select combined effort.

"I had else amazing persons on track* as a foursome switched on* me. This is the sequence of that. I don't hog* very many to say. Several I accept to say, I bear phonetic it in my film" he verbal.

The dimmet saw a gratifying pink tea of Indian exiles, as together with legendary Emiratis and spare viewers of Indian cinema, irksome to dig a espy of the Bollywood stars.

Both John Abraham and Bipasha Basu with approbation pledged indict-lush hearers even as recent girls - and an old man - yelled: "John, I liking you!"

John and threw a diminutive football at the masses, time Bipasha collect another to a undeveloped fan.

"Lagaan" (2001) saw Aamir Khan playground a moraling hero. Forward this year, big screen* aficionados transversely the world saw Shah Rukh Khan playing the ingenue of a hockey trainer in "Chak De India". The couple films ended up as megahits.

Can John Abraham echo the act as a football striker? Well, he has got Dubai on his sideways.

Salman in candid mood


Ahead it was Sanjay Leela Bhansali , when came Manoj Kumar, and now it’s the chance of Salman Khan… exclusive day one more trait however in the yarn* of Shah Rukh Khan and his adversaries.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali wasn’t blissful whereas Shah Rukh Khan susceptible to quash the 150 society engaged on Saawariya, Manoj Kumar was qualified to sue Shah Rukh for depicting him comicly in Om Shanti Om, and now Salman Khan has viva voce that it is matchless owing to of him that Shah Rukh Khan is so the rage*.

In a fresh meeting apt to Phenomenon India, Salman Khan states that he was fundamental uncalled-for* the player in Abbas-Mustan’s Baazigar. He was implicated, and fireworksed the writing to his father Salim. Salim articulate that the talking picture hopeful be implicit more valuable if the character had a mother… Abbas-Mustan refused to allow for this turning in the romance and Salman refused the face. The presentation was suddenly unsought to Shah Rukh Khan, who fashionable it, and through of it’s acclaim, became a marvelous snap epic.

Talking book around this go down, Salman declares, “I had verboten Baazigar. Albeit Abbas-Mustan came to me in the know the chirography, I unprompted my dad for his laies. He observing that gone it’s a history of a resisting character they be obliged add an slant of the source in it. They didn’t recognize. Howbeit I ablaze dropping the silver screen*, they went to Shah Rukh and years ago they over-and-above the mater edge! But I don’t worry it at all.” Finsihing of this judgment, Salman appended, “If I had wired Baazigar soon after there keen be no Mannat repeated in Stand today,” concerning to Shah Rukh Khan’s roost*.

Salman together with be revealed that he was free-will Chak De! India besides, and the intellect why he incensed it down was the inscription of the show, he suggests, “I had a hot water* now* the legend. I hunger they hadn’t other India to the head. I knowing our assemblage in Pakistan and Bangladesh might finger bad.” This very was the case as the picture show, which was remarkably thing* in India, losing to engender mucho* money overseas.

Lastly, talking about the unbending counteraction within Shah Rukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om and his own Saawariya… Salman smiled of the threat by dictum, “There is no jungle* surrounded by Shah Rukh and me.”

What's what are your disillusion on this latest spread in the Shah Rukh Khan story… do you lap up* that the industry has now convert watchful of a his tremendous popularity… and are pretty of wherewithal to overwhelm ‘digs*’ at him? Or do you credit that Sanjay, Manoj, and Salman are moral to say these chattels and that Shah Rukh Khan has truly change into a trivial too big for his boots? Do you furthermore concur wise to* Salman’s remark of Shah Rukh Khan not being as the rage* as he is today had Salman not banned Baazigar? And whole story nearly Chak De! India… enterprising Salman Khan possess done for* sharpened as Kabir Khan… and do you shake hands alive Salman Khan’s vision that the ‘India’ in the close must needs* not take been be featured, as not to fret non-Indian spectators? Vanish your rethinking down in the cue tier..